Hakone of Typical Tours

Hakone, is one hour southwest of Tokyo, is Japan's most visited national park. It also has to be one of the most beautiful.

photo0000-1881.jpgphoto0000-1881.jpgShinkansen & Hakone-YumotoOur tour to Hakone includes a ride on Japan's fastest train, the Shinkansen. From Hakone-Yumoto, we take a bus up the Tokaido Highway over the most difficult section of the route to Kyoto. Our tour includes a pleasant hike through the forest, and multiple modes of transportation as we explore the area.

img_1.jpegimg_1.jpegAmazake-chaya & Moto-HakoneJust before the Hakone Pass, we stop at the 140 year-old Amazake-chaya tea house that has been serving travelers on the Tokaido for hundreds of years. From the tea house, we venture onto the old Tokaido road for a pleasant 2.5 km walk through thick cedar forests over Ishidatami paving stones, until we come to Moto-Hakone that provides beautiful views of Mt Fuji, weather permitting!

8617fe7bbd5e5f6a0206440dc1e849f5_s.jpg8617fe7bbd5e5f6a0206440dc1e849f5_s.jpgHakone Sekisho & Ropeway over OwakudaniWe then follow a course back to Yumoto-Hakone via the Hakone Sekisho barrier, a pirate ship, a ropeway over Owakudani, the Valley of Hell, a cable car ride, and a Swiss funicular as we retrace our way back to Tokyo. A photographers paradise!

箱根宿.jpg箱根宿.jpgScroll over the photo to view Hakone, ukiyo-e prints by Hiroshige Utagawa and the current "Hakone Pass"

Historic Point

Hakone Pass
This tough road between old Mishima post-town and old Odawara post-town was called "8-ri (32km)". It was also said to be very dangerous area of the Tokaido Road -- the road from Kyoto to Tokyo.