Edo Low City of Typical Tours

This tour is devoted to the life of the towns people and their entertainments.

2 Nezu Jinja 1.JPG2 Nezu Jinja 1.JPGNezu Shrine & Buddhist temple in YanakaNezu Shrine and its unique Shinto architecture is first on the tour. Then we stroll through an old temple district to the charming neighborhood of Yanaka. Little of Kyoto now remains to be seen in Tokyo of the life of the people from the Edo period through to the mid 20th Century. However, Yanaka, a quiet quarter with winding streets and narrow alleyways, local shops and an intimate feel, provides perhaps the closest approximation to how life once was in both downtown Edo through to the pre-war years of Tokyo.

谷中銀座.JPG谷中銀座.JPGYanaka & Chiyogami shopDuring our short walk here, we visit the site of the Boshin War that ushered in the Meiji period in 1868 and signaled the end to Japan’s feudal era, we see a unique Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, as well as a chiyogami (Japanese paper) shop. Yanaka was not only home to the shogun’s falcon stables, but was charged with protecting the city from evil under the Chinese geomancy which believed that evil came from the northeast.

1024px-Kaneiji_2012.JPG1024px-Kaneiji_2012.JPGKaneiji temple & AmeyokoAfter a short transfer, we stroll thorough Ueno Park, site of the Tokugawa mausoleum. Kaneiji was destroyed in 1867 and the Boshin War. We're on the way to Ameyoko, a former black market area in the old neighborhood of Okachimachi, where the shogun’s Okachi lived. Okachi were charged with heading processions and clearing the road when daimyo and the shogun traveled through the city. Today the area is a lively market area, which we'll be able to view and enjoy.

1024px-Sensoji_at_night.JPG1024px-Sensoji_at_night.JPGSensoji & Asakusa ShrineA quick transfer to Asakusa follows. We explore its main site, Sensoji and Asakusa Shrine.

1920px-UenoSenso.jpg1920px-UenoSenso.jpgJuly1868 and current "Kiyomizu-Kannondo Temple" in Ueno Park

Historic Point

The Battle of Ueno
The Battle of Ueno was a battle of the Boshin War, which occurred on July 1868 between the troops of the "Shōgitai" and Imperial "Kangun" troops.